Writing software can be hard, writing quality software is even harder.

I tend to follow the same guidelines and steps with every application I write from small apps to large enterprise systems. By following these guidelines, it improves my chances of creating a maintainable and stable application. So, I thought it was about time I write them down and share them.

Let’s look at how to update the default Shell template experience to appropriately handle dual screen support using the Master-Detail Pattern.

Xamarin.Forms up to now has mostly had to deal with one screen as it is a mobile operating system development environment at heart. You can provide a pleasant experience…

Before creating your own project, try working through a complete example someone else has already built.

Microsoft provides two end-to-end tutorials for learning how to build ASP.NET Core 2.2 projects. Working through these on your own before jumping into your project will help a lot.

The Movies Project

This is the easier of…

Scott Kuhl

Software developer specializing in Microsoft technologies.

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